A giant electronic Billboard is hacked to show Xvideos

porn vieos on road

This Billboard became the center of attraction for the Mexican motorists as a giant electronic Billboard has been hacked by the hackers to display Xvideos on the huge screen. This is really awkward as the motorists slow down and watched the billboard. This incident took place in Mexico city on a busy junction. Earlier the hackers hacked and displayed some zombie messages but this time they have gone a step further and showed NSFW video clips from xvideos.

The hacker who hacked the billboard is not yet known and they have gained the access to operate and control the electronic bill board. This huge billboard attracted the passers of Mexico City’s Periferico Sur after the billboard started broadcasting the Xvideo clips. The billboard owner and company tweeted that their systems have been hacked for a while and the hacker has broadcasted adult content and the company also apologized for the incident.

The motorists who were passing on the billboard direction stopped and enjoyed the show while some people have clicked the images of the funny incident and posted in social media and it went viral in just few minutes. Several Xvideo clips were broadcasted while a tab was displayed on the screen stating a team viewer warning message. The hackers used the team viewer to hack the systems.

The authorities warned the billboard owner to check on the security issues to avoid such incidents in future. The authorities also warned the company that such kind of broadcasts are illegal and will take necessary actions in case if this repeats again in future. The same incident also happened in Pune, India once on a busy road but actions were taken immediately to shut down the billboard.

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A giant electronic Billboard is hacked to show Xvideos

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