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Everyone wants look smart and handsome. Women find smart people more attractive than others. If you want to get an attention, you can just get it with a smart sexy look! But to look smart you need to follow certain rules which help you ultimately to look smart. Well what is the difference between celebrity men and other men? The celebrity men follow some tips to look smart and we don’t. This is the only difference in between celebrity men and other men.

#1 Remove unwanted hair

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If you want to look stylish then the first thing you need to follow is grooming tips. Remove all the unwanted hair which adds more smartness to you. Remove the under nose and that weird hair on your ears. It’s okay even if you grow a beard but make sure it is in shape. Some people have hair just below their eyes, so it is better to remove it. Shape your eyebrows well.

#2 Get in shape

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If you are going out for a date or any event then spend a hour on sweating before you leave. Do some workouts before getting ready and do only particular workouts which get you into shape instantly. Do more reps which give you a muscular body and a good shape, but don’t try to work out more as you may get tired. By doing this, you can also increase your confidence if you are attending any conference or a meeting.

#3 Mouth freshener

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When you are going out to meet someone then make sure that your mouth smells good. Avoid eating junk food and quit smoking as they make your mouth dirty and you will have bad mouth smell. Wash your mouth well and use a mouth freshener to keep your mouth clean. If your mouth smells bad then people don’t even stand near you and talk to you. So use a better mouth freshener and brush twice everyday properly.

#4 Good dress sense

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Dress is the thing which covers 95% of your body. So dress plays a major role in your stylish look. So choose dress wisely and wear a good pair of dress and avoid wearing too weird dress. Wear a good perfect fit dress which helps you to look stylish. Choose dress according to the occasion, you don’t want to wear a traditional dress for a party or a stylish dress for a board meeting. So think of the occasion and choose dress accordingly.

#5 Stylish Gadgets

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The gadgets which you use will define you. So use some cool gadgets which are great to use in a party and don’t keep a mass song as a ringtone. You don’t want to use a basic mobile in a party or an event, so try to use some best looking smart gadgets. Try gadgets which you can use in the crowd without any shy and fear. At the same time avoid using gadgets too much as people may think you are an mobile addicted and may even stay away from you.

#6 Accessories

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Accessories are best small things which help you to look stylish. Women wear gold and diamond ornaments but men can’t wear like women, so use small accessories which make you more stylish. Starting from Goggles, wallet, belt, watch, bag and shoes. Wear a matching pair of shoes with your dress and use socks accordingly. Have a pair of accessories which you can try alternatively for different occasions.

#7 Hairstyle and beard

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Choose hairstyle and beard according to your face. Try hairstyles and beards which match your face, if you don’t have a beard then don’t grow it. Have a good haircut and a keep your beard in shape. Growing beard is not all, but keeping beard in shape is very important. Remove unnecessary hair and take care of your hair if you are having an dandruff problem. Use hair spray or any hair creams when you go out.

#8 Diet precautions

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Always have a healthy diet and avoid eating junk food and high calorie foods. It is better if you don’t eat too much before going out, else you will feel heavy and uncomfortable. Before leaving if you feel hungry then have fruits or any fresh juice. You can have small snacks but never ever eat heavily before leaving your house.

#9 Smell good

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You don’t want to smell bad as women gets attracted only when you smell good. So use a pleasant perfumes or deodorants but don’t go crazy with AXE or something weird. If you smell good then people will automatically get around you. So always try to smell good and use perfumes which last long all the night in the party or an event.

#10 Skin Caremashables

If you want to look stylish then you better take care of your skin. Maintain a fresh and healthy skin always and use moisturizer every day when you go out in a hot sun. Use quality face wash creams to wash off dirt from your face and also carry a face wash in your bag. Make sure that your face is always clean from dirt. Protect your face from pollution and dirt which will make your face look dull and unattractive.

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