How to get rid of hair fall with home remedies

hair fall problem

Hair fall is a common problem for everyone in the current scenario. We all face problems due to hair fall and mostly women face a hair fall problem. You must have used lot of shampoos and other conditioners to save your hair. But these won’t help you to protect your hair for a longer period. Instead of using artificial chemical shampoos and conditioners, you can try natural ingredients which are available at home.

Follow necessary precautions:

Generally we are living in a polluted environment. Pollution and dust will weaken your hair and leads to hair fall. Wash your hair frequently to avoid infections due to pollution and use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Make sure that you are using a quality shampoo and conditioner because cheap quality shampoos will spoil your hair. When you are washing your hair, massage your scalp and wash thoroughly. If you use a conditioner, then apply it to the edges of your hair. For a good hair growth, cut your hair a bit whenever needed.

Treat your hair at home:

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To prevent hair fall you can use lot of ingredients which are available at home. Use soaked Fenugreek Seeds (menthulu), henna paste, curd and Hibiscus (mandara puvvu) flowers for your hair. Applying egg will make your hair stronger. Use these ingredients and wash it off with shampoo. Follow this for regular intervals to make your hair stronger and more beautiful. Use lemon drops if you have a dandruff problem.

Stay away from harmful hair appliances:

hair fall remides

Don’t use harmful hair appliances to make your hair to look stylish. This will affect your hair and makes your hair weak. Stop using bands for a pony tail, this will make your hair roots weak and leads to hair fall. Avoid using artificial shampoos as they contain many harmful chemicals. Also stay away from straighteners and hot ironing. All these factors lead to hair fall.

Maintain a healthy life style:

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Stress leads to hair fall, so follow a healthy life style to reduce stress. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits to stay healthy and also to protect your hair. Make sure that your meal has a vitamin B and calcium which helps you to grow your hair.

Use proper accessories:

Use safety accessories for your hair when you go outside. Tie a scarf to your hair to protect it from pollution, dust and heavy air. If you use a helmet then wear helmet by tying a hand kerchief to your head.

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