Get rid of dark circles with these simple tips

natural tips for dark circles

Sleeping at late nights? Staying on computer for much time? Then you must have got dark circles by now. Dark circle will pull of your beautiful face. So keeping eyes healthy is very important and you can avoid dark circles around your eyes. People normally use artificial creams for dark circles but few creams are painful to apply and will be itching some times.  But what if I say that you can get rid of dark circles naturally? Yes, you can make it possible with some ingredients which are available in your kitchen. Now say goodbye to costly creams with these simple tips.


dark circles simple tips

Take fresh pudina leaves and make it in to paste. Now mix it with few lemon drops and stir well. Take cotton and dip it in to the mixture and apply on your eyes. After 15 minutes, wash it off with cool water. Follow this procedure for 1 week and your dark circles will reduce eventually.

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Pine apple

dark circles tips

In pine apple juice mix some rose water. Dip a cloth in this juice and place it on your eyes for 20 minutes. After removing the cloth, massage with any oil gently. Follow this procedure twice a day and your dark circles will disappear.


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Take egg whites and mix it with milk and honey. Now massage gently with this mixture and wipe it off with a smooth cloth. After wiping with a cloth, wash and apply moisturizer.



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Milk helps you a lot in getting rid of dark circles. Mix rose water with milk and apply it with cotton on your eyes. Wash it off once it gets dried. This method is very simple to follow.

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