Get ready to eat with UberEATS: A food delivery app by uber

A food delivery app by uber

Till now you might have used Uber services for travelling in cab for various destinations but from now you can also get food to your doorstep with Uber. This is a great move from Uber to launch a food delivery app UberEats in India. However UberEats was launched in United States in 2014 itself after that the service has expanded to more than 60 cities worldwide. UberEats is also available in the south Asian countries like Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Uber is working on brining the app to India as soon as possible as it is building a network with restaurant and delivery suppliers in India. The UberEats app will be similar to Uber taxi app for great user experience. UberEats will deliver food in certain areas within a short period after placing the order. In the food delivery apps, the service app which delivers food faster will be in the competition which is why Uber is striving hard for faster delivery.

Uber will add a network with the best local restaurants with food menus and amazing offers. In India there are many food delivery apps and many new apps are still coming into the market. People who are using food delivery apps are increasing rapidly which is creating many opportunities in this industry. The hotels want to expand their services with these food delivery apps while it is easy for people to get food at their doorstep.

food delivery app

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However, Uber’s rival ola has already started this service as Ola café in 2015. Ola has integrated this service in its taxi app itself but unfortunately it didn’t run well and was shut down due to heavy competition. Now Uber is making the same move with UberEats and surely it has to face tough challenges as there are many food delivering services in the market which are well sustained. It entirely depends on how good UberEats can attract the customers to its app for food ordering.

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