Get ready for Deadpool 2: The wolverine may show up

Deadpool 2

Remember Deadpool? I guess you probably remember it because of its funny action scenes. Ryan Reynolds played the deadpool character. The audience really loved the movie and remained as one of the best Marvel movies in Hollywood. Deadpool has got fans worldwide and their hunger for deadpool is not finished yet. The fans are pleading for more Marvel characters in deadpool 2 as only two Marvel characters was showcased in deadpool.

The big news is that, the Wolverine Logan may show up in deadpool 2. The wolverine is the famous Marvel character worldwide. Hugh Jackman played the wolverine role as Logan in the past two parts and also the upcoming Wolverine 3. Hugh Jackman already stated that this would be the last time he will be working with the franchise

Hugh Jackman is not interested to cast as wolverine in future and wolverine 3 will be his last film as Logan. But however the deadpool team has already approached Hugh Jackman. The discussions are still going on while another rumor came up that Ryan Reynolds may appear in jackman’s wolverine 3. But however the duo, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has already starred in X-men origins Wolverine but that movie is a total action film.

Fans love the comedy action entertainer deadpool and are eagerly waiting for the second part of deadpool. If Logan appeared in deadpool 2 then it would be a feast for the audience. Cable will be casted in the deadpool 2 and is confirmed already by the team. But whether Logan will star in the deadpool 2 should be known yet and the team will announce in a short period.

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Ryan Reynolds stated that he would love to work with Logan in deadpol 2 if everything goes ok. It looks like the fans should wait for few more days to witness one of the best movies from Marvel. The first deadpool was a superhit film as Ryan Reynolds played a comedic-action role. What’s your opinion on Wolverine and deadpool? Please let us know in the comments..

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