How to get a pleasant smell from mouth naturally: Tips to smell good

tips to smell good

Many people face problems when speaking with someone due to bad smell from their mouth. When you are talking with your girl, you don’t want to frighten her with a bad breath! Bad smell from your mouth will keep people at bay. People don’t even like to stand around you in case if you smell bad. So a good breath is always important when you are speaking with someone or if you are presenting something or giving a seminar. So you should always smell good from your mouth.

There are many artificial mouth freshener sprays available in the market but they are harmful to your mouth as they are not natural. These artificial mouth fresheners contain chemicals which may smell good but will damage your mouth in future. We have brought you some of the natural tips with which you can smell good from your mouth in a natural way. Follow these tips every day for a good breath.

Tip #1

Green Tea

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We all know that green tea is good for health but it also helps in keeping your mouth fresh. Green tea contains polyphenols which fights with bacteria in saliva and prevents bad smell. Drink green tea daily to keep your mouth fresh. Avoid tea and coffee if you are suffering with a bad smell from your mouth. Drink green tea instead of tea or coffee.

TIP #2


Tips get nice smell from mouth

Curd helps a lot in making you smell good from your mouth and prevents bad smell. Curd contains probiotics which has bacteria to destroy bad breath. It is advisable that you should take 2-3 spoons of curd before you leave your house. Drink a glass of water after eating curd before you leave.

TIP #3


Tips to get good smell

Cloves is the best thing which helps your mouth in a great way. Many people chew chewing gum to avoid bad breath from their mouth but the freshness of chewing gum will not last much. But by keeping 2-3 cloves in your mouth, you can prevent bad smell. Don’t bite cloves as soon as you keep them in mouth; keep them for few minutes in your mouth. You can also use cloves when you suffer with a toothache.

TIP #4

Fennel seeds (Sweet crane)

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Many people will eat fennel seeds (Sompu) for a good digestion of food when they eat heavily. Fennel seeds will help you to digest food well and also keeps bad smell bacteria at bay. Fennel seeds are best thing which prevents bad breath and you can also carry fennel seeds with you and you can take fennel seeds wherever you want. Try Fennel seeds instead of chewing gum and see the results for yourself

TIP #5


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An apple a day keeps doctor away! Apple is not only good for your health but it also helps in giving you a good breath. Apple contains various acids and anti-oxidants which will eradicate harmful bacteria from your mouth. Apple will avoid bad breath and gives you a pleasant smell from your mouth. But remember that you should chew apple well then only the juice from it will kill bacteria in your mouth.

TIP #6



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You can also use cucumber slices to avoid bad breath and get a good smell from your mouth. Take a cucumber slice and keep it in upper roof of your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Cucumber will give a fresh and Pleasant smell. Drink more water and clean your mouth everyday thoroughly.

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