Get a Glowing Face at home with these simple tips


Everyone needs a glowing and a charming face but most of the people use artificial beauty creams. If one cream doesn’t work out then we will try some other cream suggested by someone or seeing by ads. Of course some creams work out and makes your face glowing but that is temporary and you may face problems in future. If you want a glowing face permanently without any side effects then the best way to get a glowing face is by using natural ingredients which are available in your kitchen. Now let us see some of the best natural tips to get a glowing face..



If you are looking for a glowing skin then honey would be your first preference. Honey makes your skin glowing like never before and it also eliminates if there are any pimples on your face. Honey has rich Antibacterial sources which makes your face healthier and smoother. If you have a rough skin then applies honey to make your face smoother.

Apply a table spoon of honey to your face and massage gently. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it out. Follow this for a week and you will find a glowing face like you never had before.



Milk has rich calcium units and it makes your bones stronger. But do you know that you can also apply milk on face. If you are having an oily face then apply milk daily to reduce oil contents from your face. For best results add turmeric powder to milk and apply it to your face. Doing this will reduce the oil and makes your face brighter than before.



We all use Cucumber slices on our eyes for coolness and to avoid dark circles around our eyes. But with cucumber you can also get a glowing face very easily. Take a cool cucumber from refrigerator and make juice, now apply this cucumber juice to your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Do this daily to get a glowing face and also to remove dark spots on your face. Cucumber also helps prevent various skin diseases.



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You may probably know that tomato is good for face and you might have used tomato before for your face directly. But try this new trick for getting a glowing face more quickly…

Boil tomato and take juice which comes out of it and let it cool down. Once it gets cool, wash your face with that juice. You can also use it as a face wash when you come from outside pollution. This removes the bacteria from your face and will make your face healthier.

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