Get fit in just one month with these intense workouts

intense workouts

Want to get fit? Looking to burn out those extra calories around your belly? But that ain’t easy because from years you are having fat body. But what if I say that you can burn your extra calories and can get fit in just one month! Yes, that’s possible but only with intense workout and great commitment towards fitness. You have to stay away from many things and should follow many precautions and guidelines.

Many people wants a good physique and will do workouts but they quit gym in just few days due to lack of interest or by any other reasons, if all the people who go gym continued their workouts then we would see only body builders on road but that doesn’t happen. This is because people won’t have that commitment to get a fit body, so if you are looking for a great physique then you should lot of commitment and hard work. Here are few ways with which you can get fit in just one month.

intense gym workouts

Prepare yourself

intense cardio workouts

Before hitting gym you should be ready for everything. Don’t think that if you lift heavy weights intensively then you could get a strong body but that doesn’t work out here and you will end up on a stretcher. Before hitting gym prepare yourself and change your daily schedule and give place for doing workouts. Before 1-2 weeks of hitting gym wake up early and go for walking and do some basic warm up exercises daily, this way your body will become active and will be ready for gym.

Full effort

gym workouts boost your body

It might be a push-up or a pull-up; you should keep your 100% effort. There is difference between a halfway push up and a full push up which touches ground. The more you do, the better you get. Put your 100% effort in every workout you do and you will definitely feel it on next day. If you don’t keep your full effort then your gains will be limited. So never give up and workout as much as you can.


intensive body massage

Your body has gone through lot of hard work, so show some mercy towards it. Give it rest and relaxation by getting a good body massage. Massage will give your body lot of relaxation and you will feel active as massage will free the tight muscles and clear joint pains if you have any. Go for a massage once in a month but remember after getting massage doesn’t go for gym for one day.

Do not neglect them

leg workout benfits

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Remember that even legs are part of your body. More than 60% of people who go to gym will skip leg day because it is a nightmare. Another reason is that because legs are lower part of body and people will not pay much attention to your legs which is why most of the people concentrate only on upper body like biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, lads and abs. But here you are making a terrible mistake by skipping leg day. Legs are the part which gives you strength and if your legs are strong enough then you can lift more weight. This may sound weird but it’s true.

Feel the pain

gym workouts for begginers

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If you are not feeling any pain then you are not doing well. Do you think that all the body builders got a great physique just by exercising easily?  Hell, no! They have done lot of hard work and went through lot of pain. Calories will burn and you will get results only when you feel pain. Exercise until you feel pain and don’t stop reps for an imagined number; do as much as you can until you feel the pain. If there’s no pain then there is no gain.

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