Get an amazing slim body with these four foods

tips to get slim body

People who are fat will do workouts and lot of exercises to get a beautiful slim body. But many people fail to get slim as they fail to maintain a proper diet. Doing Workouts is not sufficient if you want to get slim but you should also balance your diet. Some foods are more powerful and help a lot in reducing bad fat in the body. So if you want to get slim then you have to take certain specific foods which are prescribed below.

Continue your workouts as usually but add these foods in your daily routine for better results. You can lose lot of fat by taking these foods and can get slim in just four weeks. Isn’t it amazing, to get slim in just four weeks? It is possible to get slim in four weeks and also good for your health as you are doing it in a natural way. Follow this process and see the results with your own eyes. But you have to take these foods daily, then only you can get positive results and get slim like never before.


foods to get slim body

Dry fruits help a lot in reducing the body fat and it is also good for health. Every day in the early morning eat dry fruits with empty stomach. Experts say that dry fruits are like tablets which are used to reduce weight. You can also eat a cup of almonds and pista when you feel hunger, this way you won’t feel much hunger and can stay for a long time without eating any food. This is the main reason to reduce the body fat as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps in growing body in a right way by eliminating bad fat.


fruits toget slim body

Orange, mosambi, lemon and paimio are the fruits which help in reducing body fat. Make sure that you eat any of these fruits daily before your breakfast and meal. These fruits contain fightochemicals which reduces body weight within just four weeks. You can see positive results very soon if you eat these fruits. People who has more body fat should eat these fruits more oftenly.

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foods to get slim body

In your daily meal make sure that these seeds are included. Seeds like green peas (batani), chickpea (senagalu), broad beans (chikkudu ginjalu) and rajma beans. You can make a curry with these seeds or just add in any other curry. You can also eat separately if you want to. There are many health benefits with these seeds such as if you eat few of these seeds then you will feel full and consume less food. Another health benefit is that it reduces bad cholesterol and fat from the body. By reducing bad cholesterol you can also avoid risk of getting diabetes and high blood pressure.

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foods to get slim body

Last but not least, drink green tea to reduce weight in no time. Drinking green tea will reduce your weight with in just weeks. Green tea is very healthy for your body and mix it with your workouts for a fast weight loss. Green tea contains katechins antioxidants which reduces the body fat and make you look slim. To get slim within two weeks, daily do workouts for 30 minutes and drink five cups of green tea at regular intervals. See the results by yourself in two weeks and after two weeks you can drink a single cup of green tea to maintain the same slim body.

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