Gain weight without getting extra fat and supplements

gain weight naturally

Many thin and lean people want to gain weight but the real problem comes with the fat. Do you want to gain fatty weight or good body weight? There’s a difference in both the factors and gaining fatty weight all of a sudden leads to certain health dis-orders. Few people use supplements for gaining weight easily but if we get something easy then we have to face everything hard later. Supplements have various side effects if your body is not suitable for taking supplements.

But do not worry, I have got you some of the best tips from experts to teach you how to gain weight with taking any supplements. But before going to the tips remember one thing it takes time to gain weight healthily without any side effects or any health problems. At first you need to change your life-style and habits to gain weight naturally. Gaining weight is in your hands and you can surely control it by following the below tips.

Have foods which can gain weight

Not all foods can gain you balanced weight but there are few foods which can increase your weight in a healthy way. Include tuna fish, butter and eggs in your daily diet which are filled with vitamins and proteins. Butter can gain you more weight in the long run and at the same time butter with bread is a bonus for you to gain weight. You can eat as much as fruits as possible.

Boost protein in your meal to boost your weight

Make sure that the food which you intake has proper amount of proteins. High protein has added advantages for you as your muscles are build stronger with proteins and in order to gain weight you need to expand your muscles. This can happen only if you increase proteins in your diet.

Foods with high calories

Consume foods which have high calories and if you want to gain weight easily then adding more calories is the best possible way to gain weight. In case if you got an habit of exercising or if you work physically hard then you should take more calories than usual as you want to gain weight. Foods like banana, energy bars, butter and other dairy products contain more calories.

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Food habits for gaining weight

You can gain weight not only by eating certain foods but you can also gain weight by following certain simple guidelines. Chew food completely before swallowing which improves your digestion and will avoid excess fat in your belly. Keep an eye on your weight all the time if not you may also gain over weight which would be an nightmare for you to reduce that extra weight. Gaining 5-6 kgs per month is appropriate and if you are gaining more than this, then you better hold on for few days on your weight gaining mission. But remember don’t go crazy about gaining weight by eating all the junk food which is really harmful for your health.


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