Gaddar says goodbye to CPI: What’s next for Gaddar

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Balladeer Gaddar is the famous Maoist ideology and revolutionary singer and writer. He has fought and inspired many people during the Maoist movement. He continued a long journey with CPI for over 25 years or even more and now he has quit CPI Maoist party. Gaddar decided to follow Ambedkar and Phoole ideologies and will serve the poor.

Gaddar has been the face of naxal movement for more than two decades and supported Maoists in a great way for fighting against the injustice. His revolutionary songs and poets have inspired the youth and waged war on the previous governments back in 1990s. He always participates in many stage shows and events by singing traditional and meaningful songs.

He is also a great writer and has written many poets and composed many songs by his own. Back in 1990 he even faced several life threats from the then governments to withdraw his decisions and support to Maoists. But he didn’t fear for any threats and was always very brave and became inspiration for many people for being brave and strong enough to fight against injustice.

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Gaddar also survived a deadly and vicious attack on him which was made by his rivals. In a recent press meet, Gaddar said that “My new mission is to bring down the ‘Dorala Telangana’ and bring up the social Telangana”. Gaddar is seriously opposing Telangana’s CM KCR and he stated that he will visit various parts of South India to understand and solve people’s problems.

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