France new president Emmanuel Macron is like French Kejriwal

Emmanuel Macron france

After US presidential elections, it is now France elections which have become a hot topic in social media and on web. Finally the results are out and Emmanuel Macron is the new president of France. He has won with a huge majority win over his rival Marine le Pen. This is really a big relief for the European Union countries as Marine Le pen earlier stated that he would bring France out of EU just like Britain.

Marine Le pen is just like French Donald Trump and many feared that he would become president. But luckily he is not the president and Emmanuel Macron can lead France to great heights. The election results are quite astonishing as Emmanuel Macron had won with majority of votes. Macron got 66% votes while Marine managed to get only 34% of votes.

Macron is the youngest French president ever in the France history. Emmanuel Macron has great ideas in leading the European people and he can keep the justice to his people. However there is a bit similarity between Emmanuel Macron and India’s Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind has won the elections in Delhi and became Chief Minister of Delhi by defeating BJP with far majority.

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Arvind Kejriwal who got good image as a sincere politician and society well-wisher has won the elections in Delhi even after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India. However Arvind kejriwal’s Aam Admi party (AAP) is now in poor situation as in recent local elections AAP failed to win. Kejriwal is now getting certain allegations that he took bribe. Will Emmanuel Macron become French Kejriwal?

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