Foods that ruin your workouts at Gym


If you are doing workouts at gym then you should follow some outmost rules which will keep you fit and helps you to get results which you need. Many people eat certain protein foods before hitting the gym but it is totally wrong. You will face problems in the gym while doing workouts if you consume these foods before doing workouts.

Eating Protein Bars:


Many people eat protein bars before going to gym thinking that they will get extra energy. But it is wrong as the protein bars won’t have enough carbon hydrates required to do workouts. These chocolate bars have high sugar levels which is harmful to your health. However some protein bars gives energy but it takes lot of time to generate energy out of it.



Avocado is a good fruit to have but you should not eat it before going to gym. This fruit has high fat levels. These fats take a long time to get digested and will slow down your exercise.

Drinking Soda:


Drinking sodas before going to gym is very bad as it contains added sugars which are not good for your health. You will feel a bit awkward while exercising and these sodas will fill your stomach with gas.



Having junk food before going to gym is the biggest mistake of all time. The street food will not have proteins and has excess fats which are not good for your health. Eating junk food before going to gym will make you feel heavy and ruins your workout for that day. So avoid junk food for a clean and healthy workout.

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