Foods to avoid man boobs: Get rid of extra chest by avoiding these foods

tips for men boobs

Having boobs for men is really weird and awkward. You may feel embarrassed to wear your fit t-shirt. But the main reason behind getting weird chest is gynecomastia and is mainly developed in men for eating certain foods. Men should be with muscular body, not some boob shaped chest. Be like a man with chest but not like a girl. Gynecomastia causes excess swelling in men chest which is occurred by imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. Gynecomastia can be reduced by avoiding some foods which are listed below.

Sea foods

Get rid of extra chest by avoiding these foods

Gynecomastia is increased by eating foods which contain high level of pesticides. According to a study, a person eats food which contains 11-13 type of pesticide foods. This leads to the imbalance of hormones and will increase the chest fat. Prawns and fish from the sea or ocean have rich levels of pesticides which will results in gynecomastia.


Foods to avoid man boobs

Even fruits like berries can lead to gynecomastia. Berries will impact the estrogen levels which are influenced by pesticide and will get disturbed. So avoid strawberries and peaches to avoid extra boobs. You can eat monthly once but not regularly and these fruits may not be harmful for your health but it is really dangerous for your chest.

Chicken soup

 Get rid of extra chest by avoiding these foods

Chicken soup will boost estrogen levels easily which has abundant sources for increasing gynecomastia. This was proved by the researchers that chicken soup will influence estrogen levels which lead to gynecomastia. If you love chicken soup then this is really a bad news for you, you need to quit taking chicken soup for a  man chest.

Avoid readymade cheese and meat

Foods to avoid man boobs

Are you buying meat and cheese in supermarket? Then this might be reason for the increase of boobs in you. The meat and cheese which are available in super market are wrapped up with poly vinyl chloride to preserve the meat. This will cause imbalance in your hormones and at the end it leads to gynecomastia. So avoid purchasing meat in supermarkets instead you can buy fresh meat in the live meat stores.


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Love banana? Then you better say goodbye to banana! There is no doubt that banana is a great source for energy generating but at the same time it also generates excess fat in your chest and make it look like boobs. In case if you can’t stop eating banana then you have to do lot of workouts to burn those extra calories. Else, weekly one banana is suggestible but do not eat banana every day.

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