Follow these tips to start hair growth in just two weeks

grow hair naturally

Well everyone loves a long hair which gives a great look to the face. Many people face problems with lack of a good hair as either they have a bald head or hair fall. It’s time for you to start caring about hair before it’s too late. You can grow your hair by following some simple steps and say goodbye to artificial creams as they contain various harmful chemicals. We all need a good long hair and you can grow your hair naturally with some ingredients which are available in your kitchen.

Coconut Milk

natural hair tips

Coconut milk works best for hair growth. Extract milk from coconuts and add a lemon juice to it. You can also mix lavender oil for best results. Now stir this mixture well and massage it to your scalp. Leave it off for 3-4 hours and then wash it off with cold water. Coconut milk contains potassium and iron which helps in a strong hair growth. But do not buy artificial coconut milk as it is not pure, it is better if you extract coconut milk naturally.

Green Tea

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Are you throwing out the used tea bags? If yes, then you are making a terrible mistake. You can even make use of the used green tea bags to grow hair faster. Weird right! But yes, it is possible to grow hair with used green tea bags. Green tea has a great amount of antioxidants which helps in growing a strong hair in a few days. Green tea also prevents from hair loss. This is very simple as you can even make use of the used tea bags. Apply used tea bag content to your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash off your scalp with cool water. Use only green tea and not any other.


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Well this is an open secret that eggs have a lot of health benefits as eggs have proteins which will boost hair growth naturally. Eggs are very useful if you want to grow hair faster. Take an egg white in a bowl by separating the yellow part. Now add olive oil and a spoon of honey to it. Stir well until it gets thick like a paste. Now apply this paste all over the head and let it dry. It may smell a bit weird but you can wash it off once it gets dried with cool water. After washing with cool water, shampoo your hair thoroughly again.

Onion Juice

grow hair naturally

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This is very old ancient trick to boost hair growth. In past many people use this trick for a faster hair growth. Onions has rich sulphur levels which will improve collagen in the tissues and helps to get lost hair. Take onion slices and extract the onion juice but don’t make it as an onion paste by grinding it. Mash the onion slices and extract the juice from it and apply to the head. Onions are very powerful and it brings out the tears from you. So do not worry about the smell as you can lose the smell in just one rinse. If you want a good hair then you need to face certain challenges. Remember nothing comes for free, everything needs a hard work.

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