Flipkart to raise USD 800 million: More news on the investment

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The E-commerce giant, Flipkart is all set to take over its ever green American rival, Amazon. Flipkart is planning to raise a whopping USD 800 million to improve and expand its business. Earlier back in 2015, Flipkart has raised $15 billion. This new mission of getting investments is really a big step by Flipkart. The online retailer is expecting funds from new investors and even from existing investors.

Flipkart is one of the major retailers to raise high investments as it has risen over USD 3 billion till now. Flipkart have got these funds from various sources like Accel, Tiger Global, Steadview capital and DST global. Recently, Filpkart has diverted few funds into marketing and developing logistics infrastructure. This made a huge loop in the flpikart investments.

Many investors of Flipkart have marked down their investments in the past few months. However it is becoming hard time to fight over the giant rivals in the industry. Flipkart is having a hectic competition from the American company, Amazon. But the real problem for Flipkart is nearby as Alibaba is likely to enter the Indian Market.

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We already know that Alibaba has paired with Paytm in India and it may soon start its business in India.If this happens then Flipkart have to face two world class rivals, Amazon and Alibaba. However these new funds of USD 800 million would help Flipkart in fighting the rivals. However not only Flipkart but even Amazon is getting ready to invest over USD 5 billion in India for strengthening its business in the Indian Ecommerce market.

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So Flipkart is making necessary action plans to sustain the world class competition from the E-commerce giants. It seems like we have to wait and see who would win the online retail war. According to few sources, even Alibaba is likely to invest huge amount in India for starting its business in India.

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