How to fix phone when dropped into water: Tested and simple way to fix your phone

phone dropped into water

Smartphone is our life now-a-days as it has become one of the most important things in our life. In a day when we woke up the first thing we check is our mobile and at the end of the day what you check for last is also a smartphone. But what if it fell into water accidentally? Our hearts would stop working for a while until it gets fixed. If a phone fell into water, then it is dead! This was the assumption of many people.

People usually approach service centers when their mobiles were dropped into water; if they are lucky then they would get back their mobile in working condition, for this you need to pay a lot. But most of the times the phones will stop working when they fell in water. But here are the few tips with which you can fix your mobile back into working condition when it was fell in water.

Step 1:

When your mobile was dropped in the water, remove all the possible parts of the mobile. Wipe off the water as much as you can with a dry towel. But remember do not switch on your mobile to check whether it is working or not. It won’t work anyways unless if it is a water resistant. After removing all the parts rub each part with towel and keep it in open air but don’t try to keep it in hot sun thinking that sun would evaporate the water in the phone.

Step 2:

After wiping the outer parts thoroughly, now it’s time to remove the water inside of the mobile. Take a hair dryer and remove the water as much as you can. Use hair dryer for 1-2 minutes for removing water completely. Do not turn on your device even then. There’s more to do. Use hair dryer only to phone by removing all the removable parts.

Step 3:

Even if you remove water completely from your phone it won’t work still. That’s because of the moisture in the phone which was remained by the water. Now it’s time to remove the moisture from the phone and for this last step you need a pack of rice. Yes, you heard me right! Rice can remove the moisture easily. After removing all the removable parts from the phone, place your mobile in a jip lock cover by covering the phone completely with rice. Fill the cover with rice and keep mobile in it and close the seal. Check back after three complete days and do not try to open it in between. After three days your phone will come to normal working condition.

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You can also watch in the video below how to fix your mobile when it fell into water:

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