Five tips to Protect skin from sun in summer season


In summer season our skin faces several problems due to hot sun rays. For many people out there, summer is a nightmare! You have to follow certain precautions and guidelines for protecting your skin from hot sun or else your skin gets darker and may also get damaged. Here are few tips to protect your skin from hot sun and have a healthy and glowing skin.

Avoid heavy makeup


In summer season, it’s better to avoid heavy makeup. Heavy beauty products will damage your skin in summer and use light moisturizers. Heavy makeup will keep your skin dull and makes it difficult for the holes to get opened on your skin. So it is better to avoid heavy makeup in summer.

Don’t wash your face frequently


Many people assume that washing face frequently will keep their face active and fresh. But this is totally wrong and if you are following the same then you better avoid it. Washing your face frequently will damage your face and the experts suggest that it’s better to wash after waking up from bed in the morning and at night. In case if you come from hot sun then don’t wash your face as soon as you reach your home. After reaching to home, wait for a while and then wash with any face wash and avoid soap.

Stay away from sun


Well, that’s the best thing you can do! Stay away from hot sun as much as possible. In case if there’s any emergency then you better cover your face and skin with caps, helmets or any cotton cloth. Use sunglasses if you go out in hot sun to protect your eyes.

Drink fluids


In summer season it is very important to stay hydrated or else you will face severe consequences. Drink as much as water as possible and add fruit juices or any other fluids. Avoid drinking cool drinks which is harmful to your health and remember that they are not natural but chemical. Instead you can drink coconut water, butter milk, pudina water or any other juicy fruits like water melon.

Sunscreen lotion


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Sunscreen lotion is like armor for your skin which protects skin from direct sunlight. The UV rays affect your skin in pretty bad way and sunscreen lotion is the only thing which can save your skin from hot sun. You can also avoid sun tan by applying sunscreen lotion and make sure that you use a quality one.

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