Five incredible workouts to tone up your legs

intensive leg workouts

Why are you showing partiality on your lower body? Remember that even legs are part of your body and it needs equal attention just like your upper body. Legs are most important part but many people neglect leg workouts. Are you Feeling shy to wear shorts because of your thin legs? Then why are you waiting! Just tone up your legs too. It’s time to concentrate on your lower body. If your lower body is strong then you can lift heavy weights with strong legs.

Here are few incredible workouts to tone up your legs:

Leg extensions

killer leg workouts

A leg extension is an incredible exercise which can be done with machine. Sit on the leg extension machine with a straight posture. Keep your back straight as shown in the above picture by holding the side bars. Add weight to your capacity and raise the legs at once. After raising legs, hold on for a second and then get back to normal position. Follow this for appropriate time and keep increasing weight according to your strength.


intensive lower body workouts

Lunges are effective leg workouts which will strength your legs in a great way. By doing lunges you can gain stability at lower body and it also pressures on burning your belly fat. Lunges are simple exercise to perform. At first practice without holding any weights. Stand straight and keep one leg forward, lower your body by keeping your body straight without bending your back. Now raise and follow the same for another leg and move forward. After few days you can put on some weight by holding dumbbells in your hand.


killer lowerbody workouts

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Squats are great for your legs and it is the best exercise many people prefer. There are few types of squats for your legs. You can do squats with different variations but the ultimate common thing in squats is lowering your body straight by keeping your back and shoulder in a straight posture. Different types of squats depend on the variation and the type of weight you lift. With squats you can also burn those extra calories on your belly.

Lean forward

intensive tighs workout

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This is a bit weird but it works great to tone up your legs. Keep your leg forward by placing your arms at your sides. Now slightly bend towards the leg which you kept forward and bend arms backside simultaneously and return to normal position. Now follow the same procedure for other leg as well.

The Warrior III

intensive lowerboady and leg workouts

This leg exercise is a kind of yoga exercise which improves your balance and stability at your lower body. Stand straight by keeping your legs together and lift a leg backwards as shown in the above image. Keep your arms sideward for balance and hold on for 2-3 minutes and relax. This improves the strength of your legs and helps you to lift heavier weights easily.

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