“Amazon” which is one of the biggest online retail stores has started its first drone delivery. Till now amazon is delivering its shipments to its customers only by means of road transport. But now it had started its delivery through air.

On Wednesday, Amazon delivered a TV box and a bag of popcorn to the customer in US at his address. The online giant has successfully delivered the order and it also recorded the video of the delivery process.

There are still some rules and regulations in US for operating the drones at high populated areas and Amazon has to look up on these rules and working on it.

Now Amazon is in plans to implement this drone delivery service across the globe where amazon is operating its services. In England Amazon has got permission to deliver products using drones in various cities.



Amazon has recorded the video of the customers when they are receiving the orders. After Amazon, even the US retail giant Walmart is rearching on the drone services.

Amazon has already stated in the late 2013 about the plans of using drones to deliver the products to its customers. With this latest drone service the customer can receive his order within 30 minutes of placing the order.

This is a big breakthrough for E-commerce sites to gain more customers. Soon Amazon will expand its drone service across the globe but it needs permissions from the respective country governments.



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