2TB USB pendrive to be launched by Kingston: Price and reviews

2 TB USB flash drive

What is your USB flash drive size? 32GB? Or 64GB? or maybe 128GB? Well here is an amazing USB flash drive with 2TB storage space. This largest USB flash drive is developed by Kingston and is named as Data Traveller Ultimate GT. In past there are storage devices with a size of a room but as the generation is changing, the size of the storage devices is also compressed. We have seen many shifts in the storage technology.

In the past evolution, we have seen the changes from floppy disks to CD’s and from CD’s to tiny USB flash drives. Till now there are USB drives starting from 2GB to 128GB but now Kingston has achieved next level in storage industry. Kingston has launched an amazing USB flash drive of 1TB storage space. This is a big milestone for Kingston and also in the entire computer world.

There are external hard disks with 1TB and 2TB storage space but it is difficult to carry in a pocket. But now you can carry a 2TB USB flash drive easily. You can store a great number of files and media in this 2TB Data Traveller Ultimate GT flash drive. This 2TB USB flash drive will support Windows 10 and also lower versions in windows, Linux, Chrome OS and also Mac OS X.

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This flash drive is made with complete zinc-alloy metal which is safe to use at any conditions. Some flash drives causes shocks but this new Data Traveller Ultimate GT flash drive from Kingston is shock resistant. There is no chance of getting power shock with this 2TB flash drive.

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The Data Traveller Ultimate GT flash drive from Kingston comes in two variants. One variant is of 1TB storage space while another is of 2TB storage space. Kingston will release this flash drive in a short period with five years of warranty period. The price of this Data Traveller Ultimate GT flash drive would range from $750-$800.

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