First city on Mars to be built by UAE


Want to move to a new city? Well I aint talking about moving to some New York or London! But to a whole new planet! Sounds pretty cool right! UAE is getting ready to set a new record in the human history by building a city on the red planet, Mars. UAE would make this possible by 2117 which makes it an 100 yearlong plan. The researchers in UAE are looking forward to build a city on Mars and this is really awesome.

UAE is in plans to send people to the planet Mars by 2117 and build an first city on Mars. The prime Minister of Dubai announced the 100-year prestigious UAE project and for this project, UAE may work with various organizations and also the scientific institutions in the world. UAE is arranging the national cadres to send people to Mars.

planet mars

UAE will train the national cadres in the space research program for the 100-year plan of Mars city. UAE made the prestigious Mars mission announcement in the presence of many international representatives in the World Government summit. A new research will be carried out on transporting food, energy and onward and return journey from Mars. UAE might be the first country to build a city on Mars in case if NASA doesn’t take any initiative.

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The Emirati scientific team will take initiative in this great mission and then involves international scientists and researchers on the mission to proceed further. Establishing human life on another planets is a long dream for humans and this can be possible only with the planet Mars. So far scientists have discovered similar conditions on Mars just like planet Earth.

Mars universe

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Scientists have also found that there are sources of volcanoes and water on the red planet. However, UAE will send its first ever space craft to Mars for various studies on the red planet. This space craft will land on the red planet by 2021. So do you want a flat or house on red planet, Mars?

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