The first Apple iPhone engineer reveals his experience on the secret project

Apple iPhone engineer

Apple Inc. is one of the leading mobile manufacturers in the smartphone world. Apple is famous for its smart and slim smartphone mobiles. Steve Jobs who founded the company back in 1976 has begun the journey with Apple by producing only personnel computers.

Apple didn’t started manufacturing smartphones until 2007. Its first iPhone was released in 2007. Since then Apple concentrated on consumer electronics. Apple iPhone was very successful when it was released in 2007. It also got best invention of the year in 2007.

Till now no one knows how the secret project started and the efforts behind the invention of first Apple iPhone. But now Terry Lambert, an engineer who helped in the invention of iPhone revealed us how the project went on.

The first iPhone project

The first iPhone project which was named as Project Purple, Terry lambert wrote 6% OS X kernel. Lambert stated that “Many engineers, programmers worked day and night to develop the world’s first iPhone back in 2007. When I was first entered in to Apple lab everything was covered by black sheets”.


“In Apple when a new project starts, all the equipment’s are covered with black sheets. There is a secret lab in Apple’s main laboratory but not all has the access for the secret lab. Only people with access can enter into the secret lab”.


“Developing the first iPhone has many unknown efforts and hard work. The team has to follow certain guidelines and there were very strict rules. The whole project was carried out very secretly and it was a nightmare for the team as they have to finish the project in a specific time period”.


He concluded that there were purple colored cables in the lab as the project name was Project Purple.

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