FIR against Google for negative search results on PM Modi

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FIR was filed on search giant Google which is headquartered in United States. A lawyer from Uttar Pradesh has filed FIR against Google in Shahjahanpur police station. He stated that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name was shown in some derogatory search results in Google’s search engine. Regarding this aspect, the lawyer lodged a complaint against the multi-national company, Google.

Nanda Kishore from UP who is a lawyer has found some negative search results on PM Modi in Google. When the lawyer was looking for some info on PM Modi he found Modi’s name in highly derogatory search results. This happened back in 2015 when Nanda Kishore was looking for political information about PM Narendra Modi.

SP kamal Kishore has registered the FIR on Google under IT act. This has gone viral as Google is a multi-national company and it is also currently led by Indian origin Sundar pichai. However there was no response from Google on this aspect.

When one of the national media asked the same to Google’s official regarding the issue, he said ”we haven’t got any legal notice from police in this aspect and there’s no need to worry on this issue. We can’t comment anything on this until we get certain information”.

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However, this is not the first time lawyers filing complaints against multi-national companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter and few other companies. Earlier Amazon was alleged for printing Mahatma Gandhi’s photo on sandals, later they removed the product from their site.

FIR against Google for negative search results on PM Modi
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FIR against Google for negative search results on PM Modi
complaint filed on search engine giant Google for showing derogatory results on Indian PM Narendra Modi. Checkout what actually happened and who filed FIR on Google?
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