Fingerprint ATM cards: When and How to use them

new ATM Cards

Remembering ATM card pin number is a big headache in these days. We have to remember many things in our daily life and some time we forget our ATM pin. In case if we save it in our phone then that may lead to mis-use by hackers or stranger may know your ATM pin and however it is not safe to save ATM pin in phone. Sometimes ATM usage is not safe.

For all these problems, government is planning for biometric ATM card transactions. At present we are using swiping machines for making certain payments via ATM cards. After swiping the card, we need to enter our password for granting payment. This will change the usage of plastic cards in future.

ATM cards will now come with the support of chip biometric system and finger print. At banks you need to give your fingerprints to integrate your ATM cards and your fingerprints. For this purpose, Master card is already making certain arrangements and may also release fingerprint supported ATM cards in India.

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In South Africa these fingerprint cards were tested successfully and soon Master card may introduce these cards in Europe and other parts in a short while. ATM card users are showing interest towards this kind of approach as they don’t need to remember ATM pins all the time. You can now make payments just with a fingerprint which is more secured and easy to use.

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