How to file IT returns after due date; Expert tips!

New income tax changes from April 1st

The rules have become strict and everyone has to file income tax returns. Have you not filed IT returns? Well, do not worry. Here are the details of how to file IT returns after due date? This is the major question in many people’s minds and many people aren’t aware of how to file IT returns after due date. Here are the detailed steps of how to file Income Tax Returns after due date.

Earlier, you have to fill ITR under section 139(1) but after due date of IT returns you are required to file ITR under section 139(4). Checkout below steps to keep in mind before filing IT returns after due date.

  • Checkout the form thoroughly before filing IT returns and checkout the form which meets your requirements like assessment of year to which you wanted filed It returns after due date. The sources of your income will also refelct in the form as Income Tax department is notifying latest ITR forms for each assessment year.
  • The last date to file IT returns even after due date is March 31, 2018. In case if there is any tax due, then you have to pay 1%penal interest per month.
  • Visit and file your It returns even after due date.

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