Fight against pollution and protect your face with these simple tips


No matter what, we all go out at least once in a day in hectic pollution. In the current era the percentage of pollution has been increased rapidly when compared to the past decades. The pollution which comes out from the vehicles is very harmful for your health and it also damages your face.

Start taking care of your face from pollution or else you will face more problems. Here I have stated some of the best and easiest tips to save your skin from pollution.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid de hydration. Drinking water is good for your health and keeps your skin alive and fresh. Don’t drink outside water; instead carry a water bottle wherever you go. You should drink a minimum of 7 glasses of water a day. Before you step out of your house drink a glass of water and also when you reach office/college.

Wash your face:


Wash your face daily with water for at least 4-5 times. Washing your face with water will make your face active and fresh. Don’t use soaps frequently to wash your face; it will make your face dry.

Face Cleanser:


Wherever you go, carry a face cleanser in your bag. When you reach office or college wash your face to get rid of dirt/bacteria on your face. When you come from pollution, it is very important that you clean your face. There are chances of getting pimples when you come from a heavy pollution. So wash off dirt from your face as soon as possible, when you reach home.

A healthy Diet:


To keep your skin fresh and healthy, follow a proper diet. Make sure that your meal has nuts, cereals and some juicy fruits. Eat nuts & fruits a lot for a glowing skin. With a good diet you can boost up your glamour for your face.



All the women out there should use face scrubs at least twice in a week. Using scrub will help you to remove dead cells on face and it also removes harmful bacteria on your face. But remember, you should not use scrubs on a daily base. Twice in a week would be sufficient.

Hide It!


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Face is the only part of our body which is exposed more to sun and pollution. It’s time to take care of our face when we go out in traffic or in hot sun. We can find sun tan on our arms distinctly and the difference of color from the part which is covered and the part of arm which is exposed. Then how about your face, just imagine how beautiful you would look if you don’t have sun tan on your face. Cover your face from sun and pollution and there will be no need to go for any creams.

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