Fight Asthma with fish oil: Proved by Researchers

cure asthma naturally

Asthma is a disease many people suffer around the world and it is mainly caused in children. Asthma will block the airways which make us to breathe air more difficult. Asthma will cause narrow, inflamed and creates excess mucus which will stop air from entering into the lungs. However there are inhalers available in the market to use when someone feels difficult to breathe.

But the inhalers are for temporary relief and they cannot eliminate the asthma problem completely. The researchers have found a new way to treat asthma. They found that fish oil has enough components to eliminate asthma. Fish oil contains abundant omega-3 fatty acids and with other substances asthma can be cured forever. With this the IGE antibody levels can be reduced as the IGE antibody causes asthma and other allergies.

The Rochester medical university experts have researched on fish oil to cure asthma. The omega-3 can reduce asthma and it also has many other health benefits. This can also prevent the inflammation levels in the body. There are more than 1million patients in India who are suffering with asthma. Asthma may also take lives when one cannot breathe properly.

Fight Asthma with fish oil: Proved by Researchers

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Having asthma will cause difficulties for wheezing, cough and it also leads to chest pain. Asthma can last for few years or there are chances even for entire life. According to a survey, asthma mainly occurs in teenagers and we cannot prevent asthma. As you can see in the above image how a normal person breathes and how a person who is affected by asthma will breathe. The person who has asthma will have excess swelling and mucus will be generated. The inhalers are used to clear the mucus for temporary relief.  However the patients with asthma can get permanent relief only when the excess swelling is cleared.

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