Having fat thighs? Try these techniques to get rid of fat thighs

reduce fat in thighs

No matter how good your upper body is, if you don’t have a perfect legs then you will never get a good looking shape. Many people concentrate on upper body and neglect the lower body which is a big mistake. Good shaped legs will give a great look to your body. When sharp legs are combined with a good upper body then that look and shape would be sexy as hell. People with good upper body and a bad lower body with shape out thighs will look weird. Having strong and fit legs will also give strength to your body in lifting heavy weights.

People usually skip leg days in gym and will concentrate only on upper parts of the body. But having fit legs has a great advantage. Even people who have fat thighs can try out these techniques. Good legs and thighs are always beneficial for the lower body. For these techniques no need to hit the gym as you can also workout these exercises even in your home. Check out the best workouts to get a fit legs and get rid of fat thighs.


how to get rid of fat thighs

With no doubt, squats are the first and best exercise to get fit thighs and legs. For doing squats you don’t need any kind of equipment’s. You can do squats for muscle building also as squats helps a lot in reducing fat easily. Doing squats is very easy but difficult at beginning. Once you get habituated to squats you will definitely enjoy squats. For doing squats you need to stretch your legs a bit and slowly lower your bodies till your knees level as shown in the above image. Follow this technique with a good posture by keeping your back straight.


get rid of fat thighs

Here is another awesome exercise which will reduce your thigh fat and gives you good fit legs. With this exercise you can also reduce your belly fat. So this workout is like a two in one exercise because you can make your belly and legs fit. But before doing this exercise wear a supporter as you may feel some sort of uncomfortable. Lie on a flat yoga mattress facing upwards and raise a single leg and again slowly lower it down and follow the same with another leg. Try to increase the numbers day by day.

Side Lunges 

get rid of fat thighs

Side lunges is one of the best workouts to sharpen your legs and to give it a great look. This workout will give your legs a good shape from all the sides. This exercise is a bit difficult as it involves your entire body but is a powerful workout in reducing fat around your thighs and even your hip. To do side lunges stand straight and stretch your legs a bit wider. Now put a leg forward and bend towards that leg just till the inner part of thigh just like shown in the above image. And then get back to normal position and repeat same for the second leg but be sure to keep your back straight. You can also do this with small weights holding in your hand.

Lunge walk

get rid of fat thighs

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Walking is good for health and doctors suggest that we should walk for 30 minutes daily. But lunge walk has an extra bonus other than just being healthy, it makes you fit and gives a muscular body. Lunge walk will reduce fat at all corners in your body. Just like normal walking do lunge walk which is a bit difficult and different from normal walking. You can also do lunge walk with certain amout of weights with respect to your capacity.

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