Fastrack Reflex activity tracker watch launched, Price and special features

fastrack watches

Fastrack is one of the best brands in the country which largely attracts youth with its stylish and trendy watches. Fastrack is sub-brand of Titan which became a segment especially for youth. However Fastrack now came with something special and it is an activity tracker. In the past few months, electronic health trackers have got a good craze. People are using these electronic trackers for monitoring their daily activities like walking, exercising and few other activities.

With the help of these electronic trackers they can analyze their activities in a day. Fastrack Reflex activity tracker is just like this. It can tell how much time you walked and how many hours you slept. This is just like wrist brand to our hand and it comes in multi-color. This new Fastrack reflex has some pretty cool features and it is supports both iOS and even Android smartphones. This amazing reflex activity tracker will also warn you if you sit for a long time without moving.

Fastrack watches

This is one of the best activity trackers at very affordable price. It comes at just Rs. 1995. The Fastrack Reflex will also notify when you get a call or a message. You can also use alarms in the Reflex activity tracker. You can charge this reflex tracker for every seven days by using an USB cable either directly by adaptor or by using laptop or desktop ports just like charging your smartphone.

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Fastrack Reflex activity tracker is a perfect rival for Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Even Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is also available in the same price range but it has heart rate monitor which is lacked in Fastrack reflex but it doesn’t affect much. Refelex activity tracker can run for 7 days with a single charge. However the new Fastrack reflex tracker is exclusively available in store outlets of Titan, Fastrack and other retail outlets. There is no news on its availability in the online stores.

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