Family sued Apple claiming that FaceTime is responsible for their daughter’s death

Apple claiming

It looks like Apple is facing continuous problems as Nokia sued Apple earlier for patent rights and now a family in US sued Apple for its FaceTime. A family from Texas reported that their five year old daughter, Moriah Modisette was died due to Apple’s FaceTime. The parents claimed that Apple is supporting people to use FaceTime even when people are driving their vehicles.

This tragedy was happened back in 2014 when Modisette was travelling in a car with her parents met with a car accident caused by Garrett Willhelm. Garrett was using FaceTime while he is driving the car and crashed into a opposite vehicle of Moriah. In this crash the parents made it out with injuries but their five year old daughter passed away. Garrett was driving his vehicle by interacting in his FaceTime. The Patrol officers also stated that Garrrett’s FaceTime was turned on at the incident even after the crash.

The parent’s claim that the total fault is caused by Apple by its unsafe FaceTime App. Apple should detect the gps of the user and should turnoff based on the travelling speed of the user. The family approached US Patent Office to lodge a complaint for a failure of “driver handheld computing device lock-out” by Apple.

Family sued Apple claiming that FaceTime

Garrett was driving his vehicle at a speed of 65mph by using FaceTime and crashed into Moriah’s vehicle. The family claims that Apple failed to function “lock-out” option while driving, as Apple patented this option but still failed to manage its patent.


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