How to fall asleep in just 1minute

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Can’t sleep for the big day ahead??? Or struggling to sleep at late night due to stress… Many people suffer at nights to get sleep but it takes a while to get sleep. Dr. Phil says that people suffer to sleep at night due to various reasons and some people cannot sleep with the anxiety for the next day.

So Mr. Phil suggests a good technique to fall asleep in just 1 minute. He suggests to his patients to follow the “4-7-8” technique and many patients tried this technique and got positive results and are satisfied now.

All those patients who lack of sleep follow this technique and fall asleep in just 1 minute. This technique is also used to relax and get relief from stress.

What is “4-7-8” technique?

The “4-7-8” technique is very simple and easy to follow. Breathe with your nose for 4 seconds and hold your breath for 7 seconds and now exhale with mouth for about 8 seconds. This is also a type of meditation and also good for our heart and increases the thinking power of brain.

Some people follow this trick when they are over anxious or stressed, we can also use this trick for relaxation. Athletics use this breathing trick more often for relaxation and concentration.

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According to Mr. Johnson who follows this trick says that “I was very anxious for my interview which is on Monday and to get this job is very important for me. So I couldn’t sleep from three days before the interview. When Dr. Phil suggested to follow this technique, I have given it a try on second day and it worked. The time taken for me to sleep got reduced and followed it on third day even. I didn’t even remember when I fell asleep. On the day of interview I used this breathing technique for relaxing as I was stressed a bit. Finally, I attended the interview and guess what?? I got the job!!”

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