Facts which tells us about greatness of West Godavari

Facts which tells us about greatness of West Godavari

West Godavari is one of the best place in Andhra Pradesh which has amazing nature and great history. West Godavari has many unknown facts which will shock you. The people of West Godavari says proudly that they came from the best place in Andhra Pradesh which has many things. Agriculture and nativity are the two best things which we can find in West Godavari. There are many great things about West Godavari.

Rice Granary of India

Can you believe that 50% of rice in Andhra Pradesh is being produced in West Godavari alone! West Godavari is considered as rice granary of India.

Persian woolen Pile

Eluru which is located in West Godavari district is known as the oldest hubs for Persian woolen pile carpets which were made by hand. This art is being carried out since decades right from the Muslim regime.

Persian woolen Pile

Narasapuram crochet

The Narasapuram crochet supplies various lace products to USA, Eurpe and Japan. It has got over 150 years of history.

Second Bardoli of India

Bhimavaram has got the name of second Bardoli of India from the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. During the freedom struggle, Gandhi visited Bhimvaram and he said these words about Bhimvaram.


Palakol is well-known for its wide cultivation of coconuts and it makes business of over Rs 200 crore per year. It is also one of the biggest exporters of coconuts.

Facts which tells us about greatness of West Godavari

Aqua business

West Godavari has wide land for aqua production. It has got over 75,000 acres of aqua land and no other place in India has this much area for aqua production. It also exports fish, prawns to countries like USA and Japan.

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Socially developed

West Godavari is a socially developed place in living conditions. Do you know that 93.2% had access to electricity while 98.1% had access for pure drinking water. These shocking facts were known when BPL made a survey in West Godavari.

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