Facebook Messenger App can share live location: New Messenger feature


Ever since Facebook launched its messenger app, it is modifying it every time and keeping it interesting. Messenger has got many new updates like playing games in messenger and challenging friends and many more. However Facebook find that sharing location is a must feature in its chatting app which would help the users safety at several occasions.

Location sharing is a useful function which can share current location to friends and relatives. WhatsApp is already having this feature of location sharing and now even messenger joined it. The best part about it is when a user shares his/her location to a friend; the friend can watch the location status of the user for an hour. This is really a smart update from Facebook.

Facebook Messenger App can share live location: New Messenger feature

Messenger was once a part of Facebook app in the smartphones but later it thought that it could make a separate app just for chatting with friends and hence separated messenger from Facebook and built a new Messenger app in the year 2014. However Facebook has been trolled many times as it forcibly made users to download messenger app in their smartphones.

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Facebook has already tested this new feature in Mexico back in October but it has taken few more months’ time to fix the bugs and minimize the battery usage which was draining the battery life in the smartphones. Finally Facebook has fixed all the bugs and also minimized the battery usage. The new update will hit globally in just few days or few weeks.

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