Facebook hands footage of gang rape video to Swedish prosecutors

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The social media giant has helped the Swedish prosecutors in solving a rape case. Two men have raped a girl while the third one filmed it and broadcasted live on Facebook. The Swedish officials have caught the criminals but they claimed that they have not done any crime. The Swedish officials requested Facebook to handover the footage of the aspect.

On Friday Facebook has handed over the footage which was uploaded in Facebook a while ago. This helped the Swedish prosecutors to punish the criminals. Sweden has requested the US justice department for getting the footage from Facebook. The US justice department has ordered Facebook to obtain the footage and handover it to Swedish prosecutors.

facebook live video gang rape

When the gang rape video was broadcasted live on Facebook, the viewers reported to the police and they have got alerted at the moment. This showcased the flaws and policy issues of Facebook and the case suggest Facebook that it should work on certain principles on its live option.

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Anyone with a smartphone can broadcast live videos on Facebook without any restrictions. Facebook is wide platform with millions of users and the live videos get millions of views in just few seconds. Facebook stated that “we always support law enforcements and we handover any kind of info from Facebook for criminal investigations”.

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