Facebook ‘City Guides’ app to guide as travel planner: Know everything in a city

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The tech guide has come up with an extraordinary app which can you your travel guide app. This new ‘City guides’ app of Facebook will help you a lot when you go for a new city which you have never visited. You can know everything in that particular city regarding hotels, ATM’s, Malls and many more. This is really a smart move from the social media giant, Facebook.

This travel planning app is loaded with many features and details. It includes all the places which you and your friends have visited prior. When you visit a new city which you have never visited then the Facebook ‘city guides’ app will help you out by showing you the set of friends from that specific city. The friends from your friends list from that particular city will be shown to you.

facebook maps

You can contact those particular friends who are from the city which you visited. Facebook will collect all the data when someone makes Check-ins and gives review for particular place. So the friends which annoys by making Check-ins would be of great use now and will play a pivotal role in the ‘city guides’ app. The app will gather all the information about the hot spots in the city where locals visit most frequently.

Facebook ‘City Guides

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The ‘city guides’ Facebook app will bring you the upcoming events and popular places in the city. The user can also book hotels and restaurants from the app. However according to few sources the app is of limited addition and there is no news on the availability for all the people. The Facebook travel app is released in iOS and not yet reached into Android smartphones.

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