Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to have a second daughter

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The social media giant Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and his partner Priscilla chan will soon have a second daughter. The family just got big with a new member. A new baby is on way and the Mark has confirmed it officially in his Facebook account. Just one year back the couple had a daughter who is named as Maxima.

Priscilla Chan is already pregnant and about to give birth to a baby. Zuckerberg announced on Women’s day. He stated that “Max is going to get a sister soon and we can’t wait to welcome a new member of our family. When came to know that Chan was pregnant again, at first I hoped for a healthy child and then I wished a baby girl”. Pricilla Chan is a doctor and has delivered a baby in past year and she is now giving birth to a new baby girl.

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Mark Zuckerberg and Chan has motivated the world and stunned everyone with their kind hearts as they have donated 99% of their wealth to charity. Their mission was to successfully eradicate philanthropy and improve the lives of children. They would like to help children for a leading a healthy life and for this initiative the couple will donated USD 3 billion in the coming year.

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This will help thousands of children around the world for a healthier life and respect over Mark has been increased a lot globally. Mark Zuckerberg on Women’s day wished all the women and even her wife Priscilla Chan. When the couple got their first child they have decided to donate USD3billion and now they are about to have a second daughter. It seems like we have to wait and see what the couple would do now. However let us welcome a new member of Zuckerberg family.

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