Express Raja Heroine Surbhi leaked hot images, bio

Heroine Surbhi boobs

Surbhi is an Indian film actress that appears in Telugu and Tamil films. Surbhi looks like an princes that doesn’t need any sort of makeup. Surbhi is the sexiest and hottest actress who can manage with her natural looks even without makeup. Express raja heroine surbhi got good fame and fans in Telugu and Tamil filmindustries.

She acted in few popular Telugu films like Express Raja, Beeruva and Gentleman. Recently Surbhi acted in chalakudy in Malayalam. Surbhi also acted in few popular Tamil films. The 23-year-old actress is really an angel from heaven with stunning looks. Surbhi was born in Delhi and settled in South as she got good opportunities at South.

Heroine Surbhi navel

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She made her debut in the year 2013 with Ivan Veramathiri. Surbhi looks just like an American model with ultra-fairness. Many people often mistake her name too and assumes her name as Surabhi and many people calls her as Surabhi. But in an interview, she stated that many people mistaken about her name and its Surbhi not Surabhi.

The specialty of Surbhi is, she can fit in any kind of role. Be it traditional or an sexy hot role as she looks cute in traditional attire and at the same time Surbhi looks stunning hot in sexy roles. Here are few hot and bold images of Surbhi which will make your day.

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