Expendables 4 is coming and it will be total different: what’s more

Expendables 4 movie

Expendables is one of the horrifying action movie series in Hollywood. Many famous Hollywood super stars acted in this series. The heroes who played a leading role in many famous movies like Transporter, Die hard, Terminator, Rocky and many more acted in a single movie. Expendables is not just a multi-starer it’s a “multiple-starer” as it has got many popular heroes like jason statham, Sylvster Stallone, Arnold Schwarzerner, Dolph Lundgren, Jet li and many more.

The expendables is action movie series with lot of violence, guns, bullets, bombs and many fierce battles where the Expendables are sent for confidential missions to capture and kill mafia gang leaders. Each part from Expendables has a new variation and heroes were being added more and more for every part. In third part of Expendables a pack of youth stars were introduced in the film.

All the Expendable parts were highest grossing films in Hollywood and got huge collections. This increased the expectations on the fourth part of Expendables. The movie lead actor Sylvester Stallone has already stated in his twitter that he started working for Expendables 4. All the stars will stick their original roles who acted in the first three parts of Expendables.

In Expendables second and third part the 90’s action heroes joined the pack while in third part a bunch of young heroes will introduced. The fans are now eagerly waiting to see who would join in the fourth part of the Expendables. Few romours were spread that WWE superstar Hulk Hogan would also appear in Expendables 4. But there is no official confirmation from the team.

Expendables movie

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The Expendables 4 will surely take a while to release as it is a action packed movie, it has lot of work and shooting to be done. Expendables 4 may easily take 2 years for release in worlwide and this would be the last part in this series. But the young heroes who starred in third part of the expendables may ormay not appear in the fourth part.

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