Excess usage of Antibiotics causes Cancer: Side effects of using antibiotics


Antibiotics are one of the major compounds in the medical field. Antibiotics are mainly used to avoid harmful bacteria and germs. But recently, scientists have found that using too much Antibiotics may raise certain health problems and may even causes cancer. Using antibiotics might not be problem at present but in future they might lead to several side effects.

Antibiotics will kill the good bacteria which eliminates bad bacteria, germs and even the compounds which help in digesting east. When too much Antibiotics are consumed, they will kill good and useful bacteria in the body. This might lead to certain health problems.

There are chances for getting a different kind of cancer and I hope you don’t like it! Antibiotics might help you for getting instant health and activeness but in coming future slowly you will face the side effects. Antibiotics are given by doctors to assist other medicines and reduce severe pain.

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The scientists from United States have studied pretty hard on this aspect. It’s ok if you use Antibiotics very rarely but do not use them frequently. The scientists are suggesting that Antibiotics should be taken only when a doctor suggest. Keep cancer at bay while reducing the intake of Antibiotics.

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