Erin Moran died of drug overdose: Sad life story

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The famous Hollywood actress died of drug overdose in her house. Erin Moran played the role of Joanie Cunningham in sitcom Happy days. The film which was released in the early 1970 was a successful hit and has brought an immense fame for Erin Moran. The 56 year old actress started acting when she was just 14 year old.

Erin Moran lives in trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana. The actor has taken huge amount of heroin drug and this made her to die of drug overdose. Moran has a good fame which she got at her teenage and as she grew old her problems also started becoming bigger and bigger.

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Erin Moran is suffering with certain health problems and this led to even financial losses. She is having few financial problems and eventually she got addicted to drugs. There was no one to help her out and she was divorced with her second husband over two decades ago. But unfortunately she has taken overdose of Heroin and this made her to suffocate from breathing.

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The police have received an emergency call stating about Erin Moran death. This death news of Erin Moran has shocked Hollywood. Erin Moran acted in few other popular TV shows and movies like ‘Not another B movie’, ‘watermelon man’, ‘Galaxy of terror’ and few other TV shows.

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