Is this the end of Kejri’s AAP?

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An IIT allumini, AK aka Aravind Kejriwal is the stallwart of middle class politics in Delhi. A city where majority  of the population are educated and well versed in politik. An ex-IRS officer, Now CM of New Delhi has written a introspect letter to his followers today. Kejriwal took  twitter to express his feelings following the drastic failure in the MCD elections the other day.

aravind kejriwal message to AAP  supporter

News articles across the web and print media indicated a sharp decline in the support of people of Delhi for Aravind Kejriwals AAP. This is contratry to the assembly elections two years ago which saw a landslide victory winning 67 of the 70 seats. It created history in the political sphere.

But now, the situation has changed. AAP forayed into new waters in Punjab and GOA and witnessed bitter failures in the hands of BJP and Congress. With his own party members turning against him in few instances and ministers in the cabinet facing allegations of corruption, it is time for Kejriwal to go to the grassroots again and build his party from where he has left it.

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Once supported by the common people of Delhi including the autowalas, Kejriwal has to fight back with sound planning failing which he had to witness defeat in the next round of Assembly elections. He has to stop using his entire energy and knowledge in criticizing Modi and start working on his administration.

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