Is this the end of BCCI era? BCCI is not powerful anymore in the world cricket: Here’s what you need to know


For year Board of cricket control in India (BCCI) is the big man in the world cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) would never cross the line of BCCI and there is no cricket board which could challenge the authority of BCCI. Such was the power of BCCI in world cricket. This is due to the majority income source to ICC was BCCI. BCCI has lot of money power in its hands than any other cricket board in the world.

Even the cricket boards of England and Australia could not challenge BCCI as BCCI was the king of all cricket boards. Many cricket boards always strive to play with India because they can generate more revenue when played with India. Once Sri Lankan cricket board was in huge loss and was in dept of many crores. It then played a single series with India and Sri Lanka has cleared all the loans and even got profits, such was the power of BCCI.

Sponsors rush when India plays cricket as in India cricket is a popular sport. Nothing of this changed now except the power of BCCI in world cricket. For the first time ICC questioned the power of BCCI. In 2014, BCCI proposed a deal that the ICC should distribute the revenue according to the boards which generate more revenue for ICC. This way BCCI would get 20.4% of ICC revenue. But now ICC has put an end for this policy and stated that BCCI would get only 8%.


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All the ICC revenue should be distributed equally to all the 105 cricket boards. As India is already an rich board, the other poor countries should need more money to develop cricket in their respective countries. But BCCI opposed to this and Sri Lankan cricket board supported India. Seven country boards voted in favor of ICC in this aspect. We should wait and see how the BCCI would respond to this aspect and what necessary actions it would take in future to retain its power in the world cricket.

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