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Emila Clarke is an English actress who is known for her popular role in the HBO Game of thrones series. Emila Clarke played Daenerys Targaryen role in Game of Thrones and has got a huge fame worldwide. She has received three nominations for Emmy awards. Other than Game of thrones series, Emila Clarke also acted in few Hollywood movies.

The 30 year old actress was born in London and was graduated in Drama Center. Emila Clarke was the highest paid television actress as she received $1 million per episode in Game of thrones. In television stars, emila Clarke made holds the record as of now. Clarke aslo acted in few commercials before acting in the Game of thrones.

Emila Clarke dated the television producer, actor and film maker Seth Woodbury McFarlane but they are now separated. Enjoy the latest pics of Emila Clarke in the below picture gallery of Emila Clarke.

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