Elope love plan of chiko and Chikita Chimpanzees busted in Vizag Zoo


Last Friday, in a rather strange but sad turn around, the escape plan of the Chikita(Female) and chiko(Male) Chimpanzees from their enclosure was busted by the Zoo personnel in Vizag. The smart chimpanzees were brought from Israel last year. It all happened with the chimpanzees scaling the 20 foot high wall and fencing of their enclosure. The zoo keeper Apparao found them escaping over the solar fence when he found that the female Chimpanzee Chikita was active enough to help its mate out of the cage.

This brought the zoo under complete lockdown and the officials ran all around after the couple which started leaping around the enclosures. Even they did not get enticed by the offers of fruits and other eatables. After a long struggle, the zoo personnel were able to tranquillize Chikita. With his mate down, Chiko had no other go but to surrender.

 chiko and Chikita Chimpanzees  in Vizag Zoo

This tells us that even Chimpanzees are no exception to Love! Chimpanzees also share few similar qualities of humans and these two chimpanzees in Vizag zoo tells us that even the chimpanzees do love. This has shocked everyone and of course this showcased the poor maintenance of the Zoo officials. Is it the fault of Zoo management or the intelligence of Chiko and Chikita.

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Both the chimpanzees had some good time in zoo and they had fun at zoo by taking a tour to all animal cages. They even entered the Cheetah den and bullied the cheetahs. If Chikita (Female chimpanzee) is not down then probably Chiki and Chikita would have left the zoo to spend their life in the open world. But unfortunately they were captive again in the Zoo. The Zoo management this time made special arrangements for Chiko (Male chimpanzee) for not making any escape plans again.

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