Elon Musk launched his own Neuralink Corp to merge AI and human brains

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Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk has started a new company called ‘Neuralink Corp’ with the main motto of combining human brains with computers. Neuralink is registered as a medical research company and Elon Musk call it a neural lace technology. This new advanced technology would lead the future in a great way and it may also change human lives.

The human technology is growing in a fast pace and many advanced technologies are being researched and developed. Elon Musk stated that this new nrural lace is the key for future as by implanting Nano brain electrodes which has a capacity of downloading and uploading thoughts. This is beyond the human imagination but it may get possible in future.


Musk has started the Nruralink Company in California, United States by registering as medical research company. However according to few sources, Musk himself will fund the company and he may not involve any outside financial sources for setting up his new company.

Elon Musk launched his own Neuralink Corp to merge AI and human brains

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However Elon Musk hasn’t announced what sort of products he will produce at Neuralink. Few people who discussed with Elon Musk and the team members have said that Neuralink strategies were similar to Tesla and space launch company Space X. It seems like even Neuralink would also work in the same field as Space X or for better advanced technology. Stay tuned to mashables.in for more details on Elon Musk’s new company Neuralink.

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