Elephants sleep only 2 hours per day: Check out why and how

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Who would sleep just few hours in a day and I didn’t mean 5-6 hours! I mean just 2 hours sleep in a day! A student who has final exam on the very next day, or a person who is preparing work for the next day in job or a police men at nights. All these people will barely sleep but however elephants have joined them but in a extraordinary way. We may not sleep for just 2 hours in a day for our entire life but elephants can!

The researchers have studied the nature of elephants in the Amboseli National park located at Kenya. The scientists have found some shocking results about these elephants as they came to know that the elephants have slept only for 2 hours a day. They have come to this conclusion after one month of thorough examination. The venerable pachyderms have slept for 2 hours at night and haven’t slept in day time.

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This has been really a mystery for the scientists that how they are managing with just 2 hours of sleep. This would probably possible with the ‘sandman’ molecule in elephants. For this study, the scientists have made a use of GPS tracker. Elephants always travel a long distance for various reasons and they can walk continuously for 46 hours without any rest.

But the elephants in the zoo will sleep for five to six hours per day as they don’t have to walk or travel much. The wild elephants are different when compared with the captive elephants in the zoo. These wild elephants have entered the books as sleepless mammals on the land. However it is not yet known completely why the elephants have sleepless nights.


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One of the scientist stated that “eating and reproduction are the biological imperatives and at the same time sleeping is also necessary to survive”. The scientists are assuming that the sleepless phenomenon in elephants might be caused due to rapid eye movement (REM).

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