EB5 is the alternative for H1-B Visa and it is not easy

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United States new president Donald Trump has tighten the H1-B visa program which turned out as a massacre for many immigrants. Indians stand at first who are largely affected with this new action taken by Trump. This issue has even led to various job cuts in India and many people have dropped their plans of going to US. While many Indians are struggling due to H1-B visa issue, a new aspect has come up.

The EB5 is an alternative for H1-B Visa and anyone can get approval for EB5 visa program. The EB5 Visa is also known as Golden visa and any Indian can get this EB5 visa. But this is not as easy as you think! You will get EB5 visa only if you are willing to invest $500,000 or even more in any Targeted Employment Area (TEA) regions in United States.

The areas where there is high unemployment in any metropolis or even in rural areas of United States. US have introduced this aspect to develop the rural areas and to reduce unemployment. All the money invested will be used to create more jobs and to develop the undeveloped areas in United States. After the H1-B visa got strict, demand for EB5 visa has rapidly gone up.

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But not all can get EB5 visa unless they invest $500,000 and you can get EB5 visa only if you are rich. This might not help the normal people who can’t invest $500,000. The United States Immigration Fund (USIF) stated that China will get more benefit out of this EB5 visa program. EB5 is currently in usage and many people are using it too. Currently 149 visas from India got approved and India is in sixth place in the list while China is on top. But few reports say that soon India can reach second place next to China.

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