Eating walnuts can improve sperm health: Check out how


Want to increase your sperm health? Then walnut is the only food which would help you to do so! Walnuts can improve the sperm form and movement (vitality) and the researchers have found that men who include walnuts in their diet have better sperm health than the men who doesn’t eat any walnuts. Walnuts also have other health benefits other than just boosting sperm health.

The researchers revealed that walnuts can protect the sperm cells from getting damaged and also improves the sperm quality. The sperm membranes are harmed when cells are damaged. Walnuts are the best food if you are having weak sperm cells and quality and it can also boost your sex life. Walnut is the only natural food which is comprised of PUFAs as they contain majority PUFAs in the total amount of fat.

improve sperm health

The researchers have conducted various studies on rats as they have given food enriched with walnuts to one rat and given food without any walnuts to another rat. The study was carried out for 10-12 weeks and the researchers have found pretty amazing results. The rat which took walnut food has significant improvement in the sperm quality, morphology and the sperm cell damage has also been reduced.

Eating walnuts can improve sperm health

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The rat which has taken normal food has no improvement in the sperm quality and there is often damage of cells. When sperms are released, a million cells will pass but majority of them gets damaged. So instead of going with artificial supplements and capsules, try walnuts to improve sperm quality and also to boost your sex life. Supplements may have good results but in future you may have side effects which will be a nightmare for you. So, why to take risk? Try natural walnuts instead and is my best advice for you!

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